How it works

How much do I charge?  I charge $45 per hour, with one hour minimum charge, after that work is charged out in handy 15 minute blocks. Short term projects, basic admin tasks and call monitoring rates are negotiable. Feel free to contact me here to discuss!

Is there a minimum amount of hours required for a job?  Simple answer is no! Even if you just need one document proof read or a simple flyer designed. No job/business is too small! There is a minimum payment of $45 for the first hour or part there of, but any work above that is charged in 15 minute blocks.

What costs are included in the hourly charge?  My hourly rate includes my professional services and phone calls and texts made to phones within NZ and Australia. Minimal printing, stationary and postage is also included. Any courier or postbag costs will be included for reimbursement at the end of the month/project,  as will printing above standard black and white copies and travel costs if the need arises. Any software subscriptions needed outside of MS Office and Adobe Reader need to be supplied by the client.

How do you pay for my services? At the end of each month or at the completion of the project I will invoice for my services. Payment is expected 14 days after the date of the invoice, and to be paid by direct debit into my business account. Any international payments must include all international bank transfer charges and the client is responsible for ensuring the correct amount in NZD is deposited into my account as agreed.

Do I do out calls?  Yes! If you need a minutes secretary or someone to sit in on a meeting, I am more then happy to attend if it is within Hamilton or the surrounding townships. I will pop into your offices to collect receipts and papers for IRD filing purposes or you can drop them off to my Hillcrest, Hamilton address if you do not work out of an office.  I am also available for some inhouse office cover – special rates may apply.

What measures did I take to ensure the security and privacy of your data?  Documents and data files will be backed up in a cloud based storage site. Any logins or passwords will  kept in the strictest confidentially and any company information will only be shared with government organisations as part of normal business practice.

Can’t find the answer to your question?  Give me a call or fill out the form here and I would be happy to give you a FREE no obligation chat, today!